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Business Insider

Scientists restored dead pigs' cell function and heartbeats, blurring the line between life and death

MIT Technology Review

Scientists have restored circulation to severed pig brains in a step that blurs the definition of death

National Geographic

Pig brains partially revived hours after death—what it means for people

Yale News

Scientists restore some functions in a pig’s brain hours after death


Scientists revive dead pig brains with 'artificial blood'

European Scientist

When is it too late to resuscitate? A new study in pigs challenges the definition of “brain dead”

Yale News

Yale-developed technology restores cell, organ function in pigs after death

Scientific American

How Scientists Revived Dead Pigs’ Organs, and What the Feat Means for Transplants

National Institute of Mental Health

NIH BRAIN Initiative Tool May Transform How Scientists Study Brain Structure and Function