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MissionFrom groundbreaking neuroscience begins a transformative future.

Respresentative image of the brain model


Spun out of Yale University, Bexorg is revolutionizing medicine

We created a platform that leverages the untouched potential of nature’s most complex and enduring mystery: the human brain.


We built the first ever whole-brain perfusion model.

Developed at Dr. Nenad Sestan’s lab and spearheaded by Dr. Zvonimir Vrselja, the technology is the first ever whole-brain perfusion model.

Respresentative image of the brain model

Unfettered from the limitations of cell cultures or organoids, our platform is capable of manipulating and recording the cellular activity of fully mature, intact, and isolated brains for days on end.

The proprietary system which executes this is opening a new avenue for advancing brain disease therapies previously at an impasse.

Our unconventional and transformative platform is reinventing drug discovery and development, and realizing a world free of brain disease.

A world beginning here and now, with Bexorg.

Validated science

Over 800 brain runs in 8 years of R&D

Our work is validated by several Nature publications and a feature cover.

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Restoration of brain circulation and cellular functions hours post-mortem



Brain vulnerability and viability after ischaemia



Cellular recovery after prolonged warm ischaemia of the whole body

Core Values

A world without brain disease is a world with…



Limitations are merely challenges yet to be tackled, and what seems impossible to achieve is really right around the corner. Be bold and courageous, and you’ll fit right in.



We not only take our science seriously, but also each other. Everyone - from our diverse team to our generous donors - is treated with respect and gratitude.



We are all about decoding the mysteries of the brain, but most of all, we believe a world free of brain disease is possible. Hope for us isn’t an idea, but a tool to make that future happen.

The team

Bexorg’s technology is revolutionary, and it is happening today.

Meet the diverse team of scientists, engineers, physicians, and business professionals making it possible:

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From the media

“[Bexorg] could provide a powerful method for studying brain connectivity, circuit function and disease processes.”

Scientific American

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