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ScienceOur technology transforms brains into discovery machines.

Enabled through our adaptable platform, we are perfusing whole human and porcine brains.

Our isolated and functional brains exhibit preserved circulation, intact blood brain barrier and undamaged cell-types ready to be simulated and studied in their native environment.

Through this intricate kinship of tissue and technology, we are building highly dimensional datasets consisting of cellular responses. This integrated database is the first ever in-call, end-to-end discovery pipeline based on real brain data.

Transforming brain cells into bytes.

BUILD THE FUTUREFrom whole brain perfusions we are generating a dynamic molecular sandbox

Our platform is highly customizable. From the scalable, reproducible, and continuous molecular tracking of our whole-brain perfusions, we are able to longitudinally collect data from multiple outputs.

This expansive data collection system allows for the creation of peta-byte datasets that are utilized in ML and AI centered drug discovery.

Our platform's capabilities


Preserved and fully controllable global cerebral circulation and intact blood brain barrier


Preserved and dynamic innate immune system that can be stimulated.


Intact and active neurons, with preserved global metabolism amenable for biomarker exploration.


Dynamic molecular responses per cell line in preserved cell-cell environment.

Validated science


Our work is validated by several Nature publications and a feature cover.

Publication cover



Restoration of brain circulation and cellular functions hours post-mortem



Brain vulnerability and viability after ischaemia



Cellular recovery after prolonged warm ischaemia of the whole body


Your Questions, answered

Where are your brains sourced?

Bexorg uses both pig and human brains in our research. All human brains have been graciously donated to us with full consent. The vast majority of pig we procure were initially intended to be discarded as food waste.

Do you keep brains alive?

Our research brains are metabolically active, but they are not thinking or feeling. Our perfusate prevents all neuronal firing, which has been confirmed by numerous EEG-monitored brain perfusions. Therefore, the brains undergoing research cannot feel or experience things such as pain or emotion - they are not conscious.

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